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SDC EHS Conversions Website.png
Essential guide on converting existing spaces or planning on future conversion to EHS classrooms or programs.
SDC Facility Safety website.png
Keeping your facility or center in compliance with all safety and health requirements of OHS, licensing, fire marshall and overall safety of the children and staff.
SDC Project Team Building website.png
How to build the development team from the Architect, Project Manager and other key players. Understanding the related procurement process and pre-planning funds that are available to recipients for professional services and fees.
SDC Planning and budgets website.png
Comprehensive presentation on planning a project and the various stages of budget development. This course will include a guide to the various planning resources available along with procedures to develop a solid development plan. 

SDC 1303 presentation website.png
Presented by former trainer to OHS federal staff, in all regions, on how to review and approve 1303 applications. A comprehensive guide on how to get it right the first time and expedite funding approvals.
SDC ESA For website.png
Taking the mystery out of the ESA phase 1 report. Learn how to hire the correct company, read the reports and what to do if recognized environmental conditions are found.
This is an important part of the 1303 application requirement.
SDC Building Maintenance.png
Many programs have to contend with older buildings. These buildings can be expensive to maintain and may not meet the current needs of the program. This training addresses a step by step guide on dealing with these older facilities.
Const plans and specs 1.jpg
Learn the various types of development and construction drawings and how to read them. Includes all the various stages of architectural, mechanical, structural, surveys, shop drawings and what consists of a full set of plans.
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