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Head Start Facility Programing and Project Management


The Head Start Program facility-related requirements are detailed and very specific. Whether you are leasing, managing, renovating or building a facility, there are numerous program requirements that come into play when using federal funds. 

Selecting the wrong facility and or location can have significant long term effects.


SDC has very deep industry knowledge and experience when it comes to real estate and construction and a high level of expertise and know-how on the National Head Start Program.


We can provide consulting and services for the following areas:

  • Procurement Policy when using federal funds

  • Procurement Standards and procedures - as required in 45 CFR 75.326 - 75.340

  • Property Standards as required in 45-CFR 75.316 - 75.325

  • Statutory and National Policy Requirements

  • 1303 application requirements

  • Pre-planning

  • Owner Representation on Construction and Renovation

  • Budgets and Schedules

  • Community Assessment input / facility related

  • Non-Federal Share / Matching consulting 

  • Reporting on Real Property / SF-429s

  • Deviations

  • Leases

  • Facility Related Cost Principles

  • Mortgages and other financing

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