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M. Scott Samborski   (970) 379-0315   



Real Estate Development Consultant


A career spanning over 35 years with extensive experience in all areas of Construction and Real Estate Development including commercial and luxury residential projects. Expertise as a Real Property Facilities Initiative (RPFI) consultant for the National Head Start Program. Completed Construction Progress Monitoring of multi-million dollar commercial projects for lenders and banking institutions.


Professional Experience


Owner Representative / Project Manager and Consultant for the National Head Start Program


University of Massachusetts / Donahue Institute.  Consultant (RPFI - Real Property Facility Initiative) under a grant from the Office of Head Start Program on facility-related issues including:

Regional Consultant for Regions II, III, VI, VIII and X

Training and Mentoring of RPFI Expert Consultants for individual regions

Member of the interview panel for applicants for "Expert Consultant" positions

Provide consultation to Head Start Regional Program Managers and specialists on:

  •    Federal Interest requirements and reporting on SF-429 reports

  •    1303 sub-part E application review, evaluation, training and consulting

  •    Leases - all types

  •    Procurement for remodeling, renovation, new construction and modular facilities

  •    Designated Renewal System 

  •    Deviations and Dispositions


Community Development Institute (CDI).  Facility and Core Consultant

Provided implementation and consultation for facility-related issues including:

  • Facility Assessments on over 100 facilities nationwide

  • Negotiated Leases and MOU agreements

  • Located and Identified new locations for facilities

  • Prepared 1303 funding applications

  • Procurement - Prepared RFQ's, RFB's and negotiated contracts

  • Assembled and qualified project A&E teams

  • Project Management on new construction projects

  • Project Management on major and minor renovations

  • Located temporary classrooms and centers

  • Federal Interest compliance

  • Worked closely with local staff, licensing and government authorities 

  • All aspects of program start-ups in various locations across the country

  • Facility and program transitions


Construction Progress Monitoring / Consultant 

  • Observe the construction work and establish level of completion

  • Assess general conformance with the GC Contract

  • Assess the adequacy of material and workmanship

  • Verify conformance with the provisions of the construction loan agreement

  • Verify the adequacy of the contractor’s application for payment

  • Identify and report construction changes and potential and pending change orders

  • Identify and report status of stored materials and if requested, off-site materials

  • Assess the conformance to the construction schedule

  • Verify quality control measures by applicable agencies, architect and engineers, material testing laboratories, and qualified construction inspectors

  • Assess adequacy of the labor on site and address any potential work hindrances or stoppage

  • Evaluate sufficiency of funds remaining to complete the project and provide recommendations as appropriate

  • Confirm that all major contract applications for payment invoices represent work complete and in place


Real Estate Developer and General Contractor

Over three decades of Real Estate Development and Construction. Completed projects include track style homes, custom homes as large as 15,000 sf in Aspen, and construction and renovation of healthcare facilities, maintenance buildings, retail property, schools and flex-space properties in Colorado. 


As a licensed General Contractor and Developer, activities include site selection and acquisition, entitlements, environmental studies, lender relationships, budgeting, design build, engineering, and permitting - including local and regional governments, Army Corp. of Engineers, EPA, and many other governing authorities. 

Summary of Achievements throughout Career


  • RPFI Consultant - UMASS / Donahue Institute. National Head Start Program

  • CDI - Community Development Institute -- Facilities Consultant. National Head Start Program

  • General Contractor for numerous commercial projects and infrastructure including hospitality, flex facilities, maintenance buildings, retail, warehouse, healthcare and educational facilities.

  • Construction Progress monitoring consultant on over $500 million of commercial projects for several of the country's largest risk management companies. 

  • Real Estate Developer for numerous multi-lot subdivisions.

  • General Contractor on two personal homes for the CEO of the largest commercial General Contractor in Texas.

  • General Contractor for a well-known Hollywood celebrity.

  • General Contractor on the personal home of one of the top 10 interior design firms in the country.

  • Real Estate Consultant to the leading Business Coach in the United States.

  • Real Estate Developer in numerous award-winning communities in Colorado and Florida.

  • Project Manager for a "NAHB builder of the year."




  • Licensed General Contractor, Denver, Colorado

  • Licensed General Contractor, Aspen, Colorado 

  • Licensed General Contractor, State of Florida (past)


Prior Affiliations


  • ASTM Task Force member (ASTM Green PCA standards 2020) 

  • Board Member Colorado Association of Home Builders, SW Colorado

  • Historical Preservation Commission - Board Member. Aspen, Colorado

  • Commercial Core and Lodging Commission - Board Member. Aspen, Colorado

  • Habitat for Humanity - Volunteer




Arizona State University / B.S. in Economics

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