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1303 Sub-part E Facility Funding Applications


We know what Office of Head Start wants to see and what they consider a fully fundable application. We have trained and provided the technical assistance to Program and Grants Specialists and RPFI Experts throughout the country.


The 1303 Checklist is part of the grantee’s application request for Head Start grant funds for the purchase, construction, or major renovation of a facility.  There are 23 checklist items. The checklist is based on 45 CFR 75 1303 Sub-chapter E and the corresponding Head Start Program Performance Standards. 


The application process can be tedious and complicated. The process to obtain eventual funding for the facility or project can be significantly delayed when the application is returned to the grantee numerous times throughout the process for many reasons. This can be due to a lack of understanding of the application requirements and the requested narrative, documents and professional services. 


Detailed statutory requirements are included in the 45 CFR 75 1303 Subchapter E along with the Head Start Program Performance Standards. However, these resources can be confusing and misunderstood resulting in considerable delays in funding and extensive re-working of the applications. 


The good news is Scott has prepared and successfully submitted fundable 1303 applications. He has trained and mentored Program Specialists and Grants Specialists to have a complete working knowledge of the entire 1303 application requirements, procedures and associated documents to insure a fully fundable application.

Let us help you get it right the first time.

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