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Consulting Services for Facilities



Pre-Development and Planning

  • Project Management and Owner Representation

  • Project planning and Pro-forma

  • Site selection and due diligence

  • Budget development

  • Architect and design team RFQs and selection 

  • Oversee design development

  • Federal funding (1303 applications) 

  • Contractor procurement 

  • Land Leases

  • Construction and Development Risk Management 

Construction Risk Management

  • Coordination of project team

  • Construction Progress Monitoring

  • Pre-construction Document and Cost Analysis

  • Construction Risk Management

  • Change order evaluation

  • Schedule monitoring and evaluation

  • Contractor Invoicing review and approval

  • Construction Risk Management

Distressed Project Turnaround

  • Non-performing contractors

  • Overbudget and delays

  • Construction quality

  • Technical issues

  • Getting projects back on track

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